Does Obesity or Extra Weight Cause Low Back Pain?


Does Obesity or Extra Weight Cause Low Back Pain?


In general people who happen to be overweight are at a much higher and in fact greater risk to have them suffer from back and spine pain even any muscles or joint issues. There is a direct link between obesity and spine issues. Essentially the excess weight that which is carried by an obese person may put additional strain and pressure on your spine, which increase potential injury to your spine and back. Increasing the potential injury to the spine & back, there is a variety of different conditions that may occur in the back region because of obesity. People who suffer from obesity have increased risk for problems specifically in the lumbar region(the lower back). Mainly because excess weight is in the midsection the pelvis pulled forward, straining the lower back and creating lots of pain and medical issues. If you have excess fat in your belly, you are very much likely to experience side effects. Your core is the center of gravity and will shift to your excess weight. This shift will pull your body forward and potentially strain your back. The shift may also cause your body to hold an unnatural posture that in return may cause lots of back pain and down the back issues. Many people have a medical condition called pendulous abdomen. With pendulous abdomen, the girth around your lower abdomen is enlarged or overextending, this usually doe to overeating and is extremely common in obese people. The pendulous abdomen is also a condition that can lead to back pain because of the excess fat. At American Spine Center we always advise you the best and wish you all the happiness and best health. 


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