Foods that fight pain


Foods that fight pain


Would you like to hear foods that fight pain?

A huge staple of traditional medicine is this pungent root that is always best known for anti-nausea, which soothes your stomach. Ginger is also known to fight pain, which also includes aching joints from arthritis as well as helps with menstrual cramps. A study conducted had found that ginger capsules worked as well over the counter-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen at relieving period pain. Next you have the wonderful juicy fruit which is blueberries, this fruit has tons of essential nutrients that fights inflammation and lessens pain, also frozen berries have the same and or even more nutrients than fresh ones. Other fruits that which have antioxidants & polyphenols, which includes strawberries, oranges that which have a similar soothing effect. Pepeitas which is also known as pumpkin seeds are also a wonderful source of magnesium which is a mineral that cuts the number of migraines you may receive. This also helps prevent & treat osteoporosis. To look more into magnesium, add almonds, cashews, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, beans and lentils these are also useful for your diet to remain strong and healthy. Salmon with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, which is considered heart-healthy & will end up relieving joint tenderness. Other varieties of fish you may look into are cold-water fish, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. Next you have your famous cherries which can cause drastically less muscle pain in area of muscle of pain. I am also sure you have heard of olive oil, which consists of a component compound called oleocanthal and it works just like ibuprofen. It also has a component called lubricin, which keeps joints sliding smoothly and protects cartilage from breaking down, it also can help with osteoarthritis which is another name for arthritis. Chili peppers has a component called capsaicin which is what gives chilies their heat this component is also found as painkilling properties in creams and patches. Hot chili peppers also prevent inflammation, which tricks your brain into releasing endorphins which blocks pain signals. One of our favorite things to have in our tea or salads is mint, and specifically peppermint oil relieves the painful cramps, gas, and bloating that are known to be hallmark of irritable bowel syndrome. Peppermint tea is a very good soother and calms your stomach down. Brazilian mint tea has been known to be effective as a prescription pain killer. At American Spine Center these are the foods we recommend you shall consume weekly in order to relieve and fight the pain you are experiencing. 


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