Getting Back to Life After a Fracture


Getting Back to Life After a Fracture


If you've recently had a fracture, you're probably eager to get back to your life. Osteoporosis doesn't affect how quickly your bones heal. Most fractures are better in 6 to 12 weeks.

Be Patient

After a fracture, you have to learn how to move again. For example, if you had a spine fracture, you might need to bend and lift differently than you did before. Or if you broke your wrist, you may not be able to get dressed on your own right away.

No matter which bone you broke, it may take longer to do things like wash the dishes or get groceries out of your car. That's OK. Your goal should be to do each thing safely, not quickly.

Working with someone who has the most experience in helping patients recover with fractures such as physical therapists, is much needed. Physical therapists will help you learn move your body safely to ease your pain and lower your chances that you will end up having another fracture. A physical therapist can also help you build muscle, which makes you stronger and will pad your bones to help protect you from any new fractures. Another type of special therapist is known as a occupational therapist, they help you make changes to your living or work space and come up with creative ways to enhance in your daily tasks. At American Spine Center we always find ways to prevent any future problems, especially when it comes to fractures, always talk to your healthcare provider to help prevent future problems. If you are more likely to get a hip fracture, your doctor will recommend that you wear a hip pad. If you are worried about breaking another bone, your physical therapist will come up strength training plans which helps you build muscles and bone mass. With smart lifestyle changes and care planning, you will end up staying very healthy and lower your changes of having future fractures. 


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