Ways to feel happier Instantly


Ways to feel happier Instantly


In American Spine Center we always care about your  health. Because when your mental health is sharp and happy everything in your life ends up becoming sharp and happy. In life you may not always get the feeling of being happy, you must only decide to be happy.

Research was conducted saying that happiness comes quicker to the brain, when we do not think about too many things at the same time. Throughout the day take a break from your phone, or any electronic device you are using and breathe the fresh air you have and relax your mind, listen the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind passing by your face. Many of us also forget to check and look into our bodies unless we happen to feel sick or if we happen to work out, then we end up realizing and feel every bit of pain after our workout or after we end up getting sick. On the contrary whenever we get the feeling of feeling stressed our bodies would end up holding tension in areas such as our chest, back shoulders and our neck. When you feel the stress prolonging onto the areas you’re feeling tension, take a break from what you are stressed from and relax those areas of tension.

Smile whenever you are feeling down, because smiling even when it is forced can actually really make you feel better. The parts of the brain associated with happiness activate as if you are smiling, At American Spine Center, your smile bring joy to our clinic. 


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