Why Does My Back Hurt? Possible Causes of Back Pain


Why Does My Back Hurt? Possible Causes of Back Pain


Possible cause of Back Pain

If you feel like you have ever suffered or have had discomfort before in your neck or back, you know how much the pain can hurt and weaken you. The spine always provides you with rigidity, stability, flexibility movements all at the same time so that can proceed to continue your daily tasks and activities. 

Through the use of series of ligaments and tendons, intervertebral discs & facet joints, the spine provides mechanical connection to the needs of your body. As with any type of mechanical systems, breakdowns can happen at any time with back pain, neck pain or discomfort as your result.

 I will now discuss and talk about the five common causes of back and neck pain. First off is Disc Herniation: which is one of the most common causes of back pain, pain in the legs, known as sciatica is often the very first sign of a herniated disc indicating a problem with the lumbar spine(your lower back). Since 90% of herniated discs occur in that area, leg pain is by far the most common symptom. Other symptoms may include weakness when raising your leg with tingling and intense pain. The solution for this is, physical therapy, gentle stretching and exercising are the most common types of treatment for a herniated disc. These methods of treatment can immensely be effective & can cut the needs for more aggressive options.

 The second problem is Spinal Stenosis which is an abnormal narrowing of the bony channel that contains the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Unlike many other spinal problems, spinal stenosis tends to come one slowly and gradually get worse over time with pain becoming more frequent and intense. The solution of spinal stenosis is treated with a combination of gentle exercises and changes in activity, you may feel relieved from spinal stenosis when you sit or even you lay down even remaining in a flexed forward position or avoiding certain activities. If your case is severe you may have to take a spinal epidural injection that may be used to deal with pain, ease and discomfort. Thirdly you may have sprain and stains, if you tend to have a sudden onset of pain or discomfort in your back or neck, the problem can be as simple as a strain.

 Overdoing an exercise, moving the wrong way, or falling can result in a sprain or strain. Thankfully with time & proper treatment the pain and discomfort will go away. However, if you have suffered a sprain or strain on your back or neck, it is best advised to see your doctor for. What is recommended, here at American Spine Center by the doctor when you have a sprain or strain is to rest and limit your activity until you feel better. You may also feel better here at American Spine Center with our physical therapy treatment also advised by the doctor here at American Spine Center is to do gentle exercises such as stretching, water aerobics to help you recover & heal faster. Fourthly Spine Osteoarthritis is a specific and detailed diagnosis which is also known as the breaking down of cartilage in the joints or discs in the neck or even your lower back. This diagnosis can cause painful pressure on the nerves going down to your spinal column. If you happen to have this diagnosis you may and will receive aggressive treatment depending on the condition of your diagnosis taking lots of rest and adding hot or cold packs or taking specific medications. If these options are unsuccessful then surgery will may be required which is usually recommended only as a last resort for patients with this diagnosis. Lastly is the Vertebral Compression Fracture which is a serious condition that can create pain in your back or neck, depending on where the fracture may occur. Compression fractures may happen as a result of tiny cracks in the vertebrae, the spine‚Äôs bones. Over the time the hairline fractures can cause the entire vertebral body to collapse also known as a spinal or vertebral compression fracture. The very first sign of a spinal compression fracture is often sudden and severe back pain or change in posture, instead of feeling that you are standing tall, you may notice that you have a stooped appearance. You definitely should not ignore these early warning signs, as with any medical condition, early intervention can often may it way easier to treat & definitely recover. Thankfully there are several and many treatment options for this diagnosis which are the following: medications designed to strengthen your bones, bed rest, pain medications, limited physical activities and a neck brace of back brace. 

If you feel even after these treatment or methods did not help, kindly stop by American Spine Center, and our physicians here can further consult your diagnosis. 


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