About Us

About Us

Begun in 1991, Dr. Hisham Hakim started his first treatment center in Sylacuaga Alabama USA.

In 1996, the current headquarter, was established in Birmingham Alabama USA, which operates its primary research center, for the treatment of spine pathologist and spinal injury.

Recognized as a center of excellence and a pioneer for treatment of spine pathology since 1991, American Spine Center is now bringing its expertise to the Gulf Region.

Having treated thousands of patients through the use of the Center’s own custom-designed and unique Non-Surgical medical treatment protocol, American Spine Center has achieved excellent results consistently for its patients.

American Spine Center

Our Mission

To establish a region wide coordinated care system that provides complete multidisciplinary protocols based on thorough clinical examination and diagnostic methods. Our protocols provide safe, cost effective, non-surgical treatment that offers hope for millions of people who suffer from chronic pain every day

Our Vision

To provide the highest standards of medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations through a network of centers who share a common purpose of obtaining the maximum results in the shortest time. We aim to keep up with advanced technologies and diagnostic options in all our clinics worldwide.

5 reasons to choose American Spine Center

Clinical Excellence
At American Spine Center, we pride ourselves on being committed to clinical excellence. As healthcare professionals committed to diligently serving our patients, we provide guidance and inspiration through education, advocacy, and treatment of our patients.
Technological Excellence
American Spine Center is committed to provide a one-stop, region-wide coordinated care system for our patients through partnerships and growing relationships with regional healthcare systems.
Coordinated Patient Care
American Spine Center is committed to provide an excellent care to our patients and always ready to listen with their complaints. Giving our patients a satisfaction care is our goal. 
Compassion & Commitment
American Spine Center aims to serve others before themselves. We set and maintain ourselves with the highest ethical and professional standards, all while being empathetic and understanding the needs of our patients and their families.
Cost Efficiency
American Spine Center is committed of providing world-class medical care at costs that are competitive with previously-established international benchmarks. We are constantly evolving our methods of asset utilization and operation efficiencies to ensure that the costs of our services are optimal for both our patients as well as our business operations.